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Governors’ Development Programme

Embracing the Future

Listed below are all the presentations and talks available on the Governors Conference Programme 2016 – 2017. They are a series of sessions taking place across the academic year which will help you to understand and evaluate the place of academy conversion in your long-term plan. All sessions will include time for questions. Group discussions will be facilitated where indicated.

Venue: Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, School Road, Taunton, TA2 8PD
Times: 4 – 4:30pm Refreshments and networking | 4:30 – 6pm Session time

If you wish to book to attend these session, please email info@tauntonteachingalliance.co.uk for more information.

Practical Implications of the Government White Paper
Tuesday 13th September (Primary Schools)
Wednesday 14th September (Secondary Schools)

Tom Middlehurst, Head of Public Affairs and Director of the National Conference of the SSAT, unpicks government policy for Primary and Secondary Schools.

All You Need to Know About MATs
Tuesday 11th October

Victoria HattonSenior Consultant at Browne Jacobson LLP and specialist adviser to schools on academy and academy trust conversion.

Brownejacobson is well-known as a national law firm with an established reputation for their work with schools. In this presentation, a senior consultant reveals the facts and potential pitfalls of academy conversion, what to consider and what to avoid, thus equipping delegates to make better informed decisions.

Balancing the Present and the Future
Monday 14th November
Target Audience: Executive Heads, Heads and Chairs

A series of short presentation by heads and chairs who are on, or have completed, the journey to becoming and academy will provide an insight into the practical implications of the academy conversion process. Academisation is not seen as an end in itself, but as part of school leaders’ attention to their school’s current needs and longer-term vision. The session includes time for questions and facilitated group discussion.

South West Regional Schools Commissioner
Wednesday 23rd November

The newly appointed South West Regional Schools Commissioner shares a vision for the future of education in the region and how the role will support schools to achieve the best outcomes for pupils.

New Year, New Resolutions: Making Your Governing Body the Best it Can Be
Tuesday 24th January
Supported by governors of Somerset Schools and National Leaders of Governance (NLGs)

A practical planning session presented by Keith Clover. Using an ‘appreciative enquiry’ approach, the session will provide a useful framework to share good practice and for delegates to reflect on where they want to be by and when. Time for discussion will support delegates in identifying the steps they now need to take in order to plan for the future.


Imperatives for Change: Finance
Tuesday 21st February
Presented by Susan Fielden, Consultant and former national policy lead for school funding at the Department for Education and previously Somerset County Council Education Finance

Building on her presentation at the initial conference in June, Susan will share some of the strategies that allow governors to plan strategically and creatively at a time when schools are increasingly having to achieve more with less. What can we learn from others’ experiences and how could partnerships with other schools help? How can we judge out effectiveness in this area? Susan will provide a reassuring guide to school finance and financial planning, equipping governors with enough knowledge to ask the right questions. This presentation is set at an exciting time for schools, not simply within the term in which schools consider their budget for the coming year but also at a time of challenging cost pressures and proposals for national funding reform.

Imperatives for Change Finance with Susan Fielden Taunton Teaching Alliance

Imperatives for Change: Achieving the Best for Our Pupils
Wednesday 26th April

An update of the latest Ofsted requirements, focusing in particular on what Ofsted means for governance. Delegates will also have an opportunity to hear from others’ experiences of inspection, what they learned in going through the process and how to minimise the potentially negative effects of inspection.

Imperatives for Change - Ofsted - 26 April 2017

Your Compass for Success
Monday 12th June
Target Audience: Governors and Headteachers
Presented by Floyd Woodrow, MBE, DCM, LLB, Chairman and CEO of Chrysalis Worldwide

Floyd is the author of Elite and The Warrior, The Strategist and You. He coaches the world’s leading banks, financial services companies, schools and education institutions, police forces, emergency services and international corporations on all aspects of performance and leadership. His ‘compass for success’ spells out in clear and simple terms the steps we need to take to be successful and will provide you with a clear framework to draw together your combined strengths and resources and plan strategically for your school’s future.

Your Compass For Success with Floyd Woodrow MBE Taunton Teaching Alliance