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Inspiring Leadership Programme

The Inspiring Leadership programme of presentations is an unparalleled opportunity to hear top speakers from all over the UK, here in Taunton. Events are free of charge and open to all members of the South West education and business communities – everyone is welcome.

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Sustaining Resilience in School Leadership

Thursday 25 May
Presented by Julia Steward, Professional Leadership Coach

We all know the theory: put the oxygen mask on yourself first in order to be able to support others. It’s not easy. On a good day, you are borne along by the enthusiasm and success of what’s going well in school. On a bad day, conflicting expectations of a myriad of stakeholders overwhelm you: you find yourself running to stand still, with yet another government initiative to add to the expectations of pupils, parents, staff, governors, and the wider community and no time to breathe, let alone think and plan.

If you recognise this picture, you are not alone. Julia will share the results of her research into this area and provide some insights into what makes it difficult to invest in ourselves, where we might start if we want to make a change, and how this might benefit others. Her extensive experience of running workshops for headteachers, and coaching school leaders has convinced her of the need to break the conspiracy of silence around the pressures experienced by school leaders. All too often followers want leaders who display humanity, while rejecting the vulnerability that makes them human. Governors and trustees need to be alert to this dichotomy, and demand that time and space is set aside for renewal.

Julia has published academic papers and popular articles on emotional resilience for school leadership.  Her work has been profiled in the TES and, most recently,  in the NAHT’s Leadership Focus magazine (February 2017).  Her practical guide to sustaining resilience for school leaders is in preparation under the working title Not Drowning but Waving.

Julia Steward - Sustaining Resilience in School Leadership Taunton Teaching Alliance - 25.05.17




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Tuesday 20 June

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Wednesday 5 July