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RQT Leadership Programme


Recently Qualified Teachers in Primary, Secondary, PRU and Special Schools – a Leadership Project

Click HERE to read the Taunton Teaching Alliance News item about the achievements of the successful 2016-2017 RQT3 Leadership Programme cohort who received their end-of-course certificates in June 2017. 

Taunton Teaching Alliance RQT Leadership Programme 2017 Somerset

Pictured left to right:

Frances Nicholson, Lee Troake, Nick Auger, Debbie Marks, Samantha Warrington, Tony Bloxham, Hannah Kelloway, Daniel Seviour, Zoe Egan, Barbara Berks

Download the RQT Leadership Programme participant responses to the course evaluation questionnaire:

RQT Programme Participant 2016-17 – Evaluation Questionnaire Responses

The RQT4 Leadership Programme (2017-2018 Cohort) is now full. If you would like to take part in the next course starting in October 2018, please email us: info@tauntonteachingalliance.co.uk

Course Details:

The TTA invited Headteachers to nominate teachers on mainstream grading and whose teaching is assessed as at least good, to take part in this exciting middle leadership project.


What is the cost?

The TTA is not charging for this course due to grant funding obtained in the past. However, the school must commit to funding four days release time during the whole year for the RQT to attend meetings, visit other schools and work with their partners.


This Programme:

  • Provides good to outstanding recently qualified teachers in EYFS/KS1, KS2 and KS3 a chance to develop their leadership skills. The programme is aimed at qualified teachers on mainstream grade who are aspiring to promotion or leadership within the next two years.
  • Develops aspiring leaders in your school, increasing capacity, raising standards, expertise and aspirations. Participants design and implement a leadership project over a period of one year linked to an area of your School Development Plan.
  • Uses collaboration to create a culture of sharing and reflection, with teachers working in small groups (threes preferred from a mixture of schools). Each group will choose their own focus linked to a common area for development relevant to each school.
  • Uses action research as an integral part of the project.
  • Is supported by a project course mentor there for the RQT groups and individuals throughout the year in whatever ways are needed.


  • Participants develop their leadership skills and improve outcomes for their students.
  • Participants use collaboration, visiting other schools in different settings, to bring new expertise and aspirations back to their home school.
  • Impact at each school is maximised by the Head or a member of SLT acting as school based project mentor to the RQT for the year and attending the first session (8:45-10am) of the launch day in October 2017 and the final project presentations at the end of the school year in summer 2018 (Thursday 28th June 2018, 4-6:30pm).


RQT 4 (2017-18) – Course Outline

Pre-launch research task:

  • Each Headteacher / RQT teacher to discuss together their school’s strengths/areas of weakness and to identify possible areas for a development project. The RQT teacher will also be asked to complete a self-perception questionnaire to bring with them to the launch day. It is important that the RQT attends the first all-day meeting with a likely area of interest/focus clearly identified.

October – December:

  • All day launch – Wednesday 18th October 2017, 8:45am-3:30pm – Taunton Racecourse
  • AM Leadership, Collaboration and ‘Trust’, using action research to develop school improvement

NB: First hour also to be attended by school based mentors

  • PM Share strengths and areas for development (using the self-perception task); development focii and groups identified; action plans begun
  • Teachers in each group visit each other’s schools / start on projects before the end of December
  • Each group visited by the course project mentor to finalise overall action plans / see progress so far
  • Prepare for first joint update meeting next term

 January – June 2016:

  • Monday 22nd January – , 1:30–4pm: Review Meeting 1 (West Monkton Primary School):

Share research and evidence gathered, progress so far and plan subsequent collaboration. Update planning sheets to include any new action planned this term.  Middle leaders from local schools invited to present projects which they have led. Discussions on use of action research.

  • February – May

Teachers develop projects collaboratively in their own and each other’s schools. Course mentor to maintain contact and ensure communications between the groups.

  • Thursday 19th April 2018, 4-6pm: Review Meeting 2 (West Monkton Primary School):

Reflection, drawing the project together and measuring impact. Planning final presentations.

  • Thursday 28th June, 4-6:30pm: Presentation Event (Heathfield Community School):

Projects are completed, evidence gathered and presentations have been planned. Projects are presented to the other groups and an invited audience of school based mentors and staff from participating schools, as well as from the wider partnership and the LA

Complimentary refreshments are provided at what is a fantastic, celebratory event recognising the hard work and achievements of all the participants over the last nine months.


Course Background

The leadership project aimed at primary school recently qualified teachers was launched in 2014. The TTA secured funding of £10,000 from the National College to set this year-long project up. The launch day was led by Tom Whittingham from the University of Worcester, who has been at the heart of collaborative projects supporting school self-improvement in Somerset (and beyond) in recent years.

The course, now in its third year, features teachers working in triads, focusing on a common area for development linked to their school. Each teacher conducts research and gathers evidence. As part of this, they visit their colleagues’ schools. The strength of this project is collaboration, and the fact that Headteachers act as their teacher’s leadership mentor for the year. The heads also attend the launch day, starting by drawing up a set of shared, core values to underpin the year’s work.

At the end of the academic year, each group will share their journey and outcomes with the other course participants, their Mentors, Headteachers and governors from their schools at a special, celebratory presentation event.