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School Finance Training with Susan Fielden

“School finance can be daunting but it is such an important part of school leadership and it really is possible to connect your education vision to your financial plan.” Susan Fielden – School Finance Specialist


One-Day Workshop – A Complete School Finance Overview

Immersing you in the world of school finance and starting right at the beginning with an explanation of how the school funding system works, you will learn about the role played by national and local government, by your colleagues locally and how you can influence the financial outcome for your school.

Having cut through all the jargon, the one-day workshop will then address management of the school budget and strategic financial planning, including: how to bring curriculum decisions and budget planning together, managing financial risk and increasing cost-effectiveness and efficiency. For those of you who already carry the full responsibility for the school budget, this workshop will be a refresher that will help give you the security that you are not missing anything. If you are a member of your School Senior Leadership team and want to take on more financial responsibility, support the Head and Business Manager and/or develop your skills and experience for your next role, this day will be an eye-opener and all-round awareness session that will be invaluable to you as your school plans next year’s budget over the coming months.

“This is a whole day workshop aimed at Senior Leaders, Business Managers and aspiring Headteachers. You will be introduced to the world of school finance and by the end of the day, you will understand where funding comes from, how it is distributed and who makes the decisions. This will enable you to inform your colleagues and contribute in the SLT’s planning for the future. In addition, the workshop will address the fundamentals of strategic financial planning in schools, linking educational vision with budget planning. At the end of the session, you will have more confidence to engage with budget planning in your school and be able to develop your skills and experience in readiness for possible headship in the future.” Susan Fielden

One-Day Workshop – A Complete School Finance Overview

Cost: £150 per person

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Strategic Financial Planning in Schools – Full CPD Programme

Particularly recommended for those SLT members wishing to build their experience and knowledge or progress in their career and assume more financial responsibility. 
The developmental element of the programme will be delivered over four twilight sessions and is a CPD programme aimed particularly at those hoping to take on full budget responsibility within the next four or five years. The modules will be flexible to a certain extent, able to respond to the areas of interest of participants, as well as changes in the school funding landscape. The programme will help you develop your skills and experience in managing the school budget, starting from your current range of responsibilities. This bespoke training will ensure that you understand the aspects of school funding and budgeting that are of most relevance to you now and in the future and enable you to feel confident about managing a whole school budget.

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Susan Fielden – Course Leader

Susan has over 20 years of experience working with headteachers and local authority decision-makers and their budgets. She has led and managed the strategic partnership between schools and the LA, providing executive officer support as well as policy development and strategic financial planning. Most recently, she was seconded to the DfE to work on national funding formula policy.

Content of the programme will include:

  • Understanding how schools are financed, including a briefing on the new funding formula
  • Understanding the school budget and basic budget management
  • Costing the curriculum and balancing the budget
  • Academy finance v maintained school finance
  • Managing financial risk
  • Improving cost effectiveness
  • Strategic financial planning

Susan Fielden Taunton Teaching Alliance Finance Training