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Heathfield Community School’s Successful SSIF Bid to Lead the Somerset KS2 Maths Improvement Programme 2018-19

KS2 Maths Improvement Programme 2018-2019

Taunton Teaching Alliance is delighted to be leading the KS2 Maths Improvement Programme 2018-2019 made possible through Heathfield Community School’s successful bid to the Department for Education’s Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF).

The £140 million SSIF is a government grant intended to further build and develop a school-led system (support provided by schools, for schools) of education improvement and aims to target resources at the schools and students most in need by aiding projects developing school leadership, governance, teaching methods/approaches and schools’ financial health and efficiency.

Heathfield Community School’s successful SSIF bid means that £275,000 has been awarded to deliver the KS2 Maths Improvement Programme 2018-2019: Developing and embedding successful and sustainable strategies in Somerset schools to improve progress and attainment in KS2 Maths. Managed and administered by Taunton Teaching Alliance, this project aims to improve the KS2 Maths outcomes of up to 23 invited Somerset Primary and Middle schools. The programme will be delivered over 14 months (January 2017 – April 2019), in collaboration with strategic partners and recognised Maths support providers.

Strategic Partners:

Programme Aims:

Summative research from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) instantiates that a successful approach to developing Mathematics in schools is “likely to involve a mix of whole class teaching, small group and one-to-one tuition, alongside teaching assistants delivering structured interventions in a targeted manner.” The current programme’s strategic partners and training components have all been specifically chosen to provide this deliberate range of sustainable training, support and strategy to ensure improved KS2 Maths outcomes for the participating schools in the short, medium and longer term. The specific aims of the KS2 Maths Improvement Programme are:

  • To improve outcomes in participating schools from significantly below expected, to broadly in line with national standards
  • To build on this and sustain the increase, so that results become significantly above nationally expected outcomes for future cohorts
  • To embed the strategies into participating schools in a sustainable way
  • To ensure that the senior leaders, teachers and the teaching assistants in the participating schools are all convinced of the efficacy of the programmes, that they are the ones who are empowered to deliver them, equipped with the necessary resources to do so
  • To equally empower the students so that they are confident, happy and inquiring users of Maths who have developed the meta­cognitive skills to transform themselves.