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Research Communities

Collaborative working across the alliance will enable us to develop research practices and share outcomes in order to improve the quality of teaching and raise standards across a broad range of establishments. Cross-phase research will allow us to share a common purpose, whilst providing us with further understandings of teaching and learning across age and ability range. In making links and working closely together, we will be able to combine our efforts, share learning, knowledge and practice in order to provide evidence based outcomes that lead to better experiences for the learners in our schools.

Research Communities:

The initial Innovation, Research and Development Strategy is to set up research/learning communities based on the work of Dylan Wiliam to develop a “teacher-researcher” ethos across the alliance in preparation for discrete research and development projects

Aims of the Research/Learning Communities:

  • Outline factors which international research confirms determine attainment in schools
  • Confirm that quality is a key issue
  • Consider the characteristics of expert teachers
  • Identify the five key strategies of “Formative Assessment”
    – Clarifying, sharing and understanding learning and shared intentions
    – Engineering effective classroom discussions, activity and learning tasks that elicit evidence of learning
    – Providing feedback that moves learning forward
    – Activating learners as instructional resources for each other
    – Activating learners as the owners of their learning
  • Explore how schools can establish “Teacher Learning Communities” to improve the quality of teaching using “Formative Assessment” techniques
  • Begin using small-scale research to develop strategies based on these principles